Into the very heart of the Aegean sea lies the island that was named after the grand son of Apollo, the god of music in Greek Mythology, Mykonos.

Worldwide known for its wonderful landscapes and amazing beaches but mostly for its elegant style Mykonos invites you experience a one in a lifetime dream holiday.

Mykonos is a place like no other and there are so many reasons for that, that we can only name a few and let the others find all for yourselves.

It cobbled streets and pictures neighborhoods filled with white and blue colors that calms and relax the eyes and hears of the visitor. The widely trademark photographed windmills, along with enchanting sunsets, and on the other its cosmopolitan air and the daily buses arrivals of the international jet set surely ranks amongst the “must” summer destinations.

Add the most amazing beaches with most crystal clean blue waters you’ll see, the vibrant nightlife with a fantastic restaurant scene, elegant bars, nightclubs, various stores and boutique fashion houses all in one island you can drive through in just 2 hours. As a result Mykonos is now the most exclusive destination for summer holidays in the Mediterranean.

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