Only 45 minute boat ride away from all those lights and luxury lies a place of great history that gives Mykonos a great historical background and a source of mystical positive energy as the locals say. The island of Delos, birthplace of son of Zeus, Apollo the god of daylight and knowledge. A world heritage center by UNESCO and the center of Cyclades of the ancient world was considered as “the most sacred of all islands” (Calimahus, 3rd century B.C.).

The archeological site is exceptionally extensive and rich and conveys the image of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean part worth seeing.

Uncover the myths and legends of ancient Greece on an educational 5-hour tour of Delos from Mykonos. With an expert historian guide, discover ancient monuments like the Temple of Apollo and the sacred way. Enrich your historical knowledge at the museum of Delos, marvel of the archaic sanctuary of Artemis and learn the culture of the Greek empire.

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