Life is about living to create the most unforgettable experiences!

MykonosXP is a VIP concierge service organization established in Mykonos that has ever since been devoted to create high class travel and entertainment experiences by providing leading concierge and lifestyle management services, making the stay of our clients at the magical island of Mykonos a unique experience by living life to its fullest and secure, pleasant and memorable holiday through your entire stay in Mykonos.

Enjoy Your Luxury Vacation

We are sure that our list of private services in Mykonos will cover all your needs. The only thing you have to do is to let us know of your needs and a place to see and let us do the rest.

The Mykonos Experience

Worldwide known for its wonderful landscapes and amazing beaches but mostly for its elegant style Mykonos invites you experience a one in a lifetime dream holiday.


Mykonos is acclaime as one of the most elite destinations in all Europe. Especially when in comes to nightlife, restaurants, beach bars, private parties and luscious social gatherings then we might as well talk about a top of the world dominating the international scene.


In Mykonos you will find some of the most famous and glamorous beach as you can find here all the celebrities that visit the island. Fully organized with clear and emerald waters.


Mykonos is a place like no other and there are so many reasons for that, that we can only name a few and let the others find all for yourselves.